- Specialized technical consultancy

- Thematic consultancy

- Consulting for building and land use strategies and identifying and solving technical, legal and economic problems

- Legal and technical due diligence

- Evaluation of the real estate heritage of the local administration from the perspective of compliance with the standards applicable in the EU for public buildings; transformation solutions in order to comply with sustainability criteria

- Studies on energy efficiency and increasing the performance of buildings, including the reduction of consumption in operation

- Evaluations of existing situations in terms of interior comfort and its impact on the performance of space users. Analysis parameters: thermal/ acoustic comfort/ indoor air quality/ visual comfort and natural lighting. The studies are addressed both to educational spaces and administrative sanitary, accommodation or production spaces

- Carrying out measurements to determine the level of light, noise, air in schools, public buildings and evaluating the impact on the school performance of students

- Assessment of building compliance in terms of compliance with the legislation in force: compliance in terms of fire safety, operational safety, health of premises

- Studies on waste management for office/residential buildings and generating sustainable solutions for this activity

- Feasibility studies, technical audits and evaluation of different possible development strategies. Modifying/updating/modernizing previously developed feasibility studies for various investment objectives, studies that no longer meet European requirements

- Urban regeneration studies, regardless of complexity

- Identifying solutions and developing strategies for the regeneration of green spaces, including bioclimatic adaptation and encouraging biodiversity

- Studies of rehabilitation, refunctionalization, reuse of built heritage through sustainable strategies to make it suitable for contemporary use

- Historical studies




- Interdisciplinary Design - complete solutions

- Interior design

- Architectural lighting design

- Renovation / Rehabilitation / Restoration / Refurbishment

- Design and implementation of fire safety solutions

- Urban planning and urban studies

- Design and implementation of BMS systems (building management systems)



- Project management

- Project implementation

- Site supervision

- Optimization of investment costs




- Research in the field of environmental psychology with an emphasis on the psychology of the built environment

- Research in the field of the impact of the environmental quality of residential spaces on human health

- Research and innovation in the field of nanotechnology




- Complete systems for air and surface disinfection

- Professional air purifiers

- Intelligent micro-plants with heat recovery for air treatment

- Drinking water filtration and distribution devices

- Ecological products for cleaning and maintenance of buildings

- Nanomolecular coatings (nanocoatings) for antimicrobial protection, anti-absorption treatments, protection of buildings and historical monuments, improving the characteristics of building materials, waterproofing, protection of metal, stone, concrete, plastic, glass surfaces, etc., making ceramic films for domestic, public and industrial applications, treatment of textile materials, etc.