EUROCONEX is established, a company specialized in the restoration of historical buildings/monuments and respectively in the field of civil constructions



- Restoration, renovation, re-functionalization of spaces at Hanul cu Tei

- Construction works for the Ministry of Justice/Rahova Penitentiary

- Realization of the resistance structure for the City Bank Headquarters

- Renovation of care homes for the elderly in the Municipality of Bucharest

- Setting up the Antrefrig production hall

- Private works Bucharest in, Cluj and Timișoara - luxury residential constructions



The scope of activity is expanded by specializing a team in the field of sealing, hydroisolating and waterproofing. A series of pioneering works are carried out in Romania through the use of revolutionary materials and technologies for that period (polyurethane foams, waterproofing membranes used to seal the tunnel under the English Channel - France, coverings with hydrophobic films) These materials as well as the technical assistance for the team's specialization were provided by specialized international companies.



- Terrace waterproofing testing and renovation of the Condor parachute and flight equipment factory 

- Metrorex tunnel sealing and waterproofing works

- Sealing / waterproofing works in the metro stations Piața Victoriei 1 and 2, Gara de Nord, Eroilor

- Metrorex technical space fitting-out works

- Waterproofing and finishing works 1 Mai metro station

- Finishes of metro stations and adjacent technical spaces



EUROTOP CONSULTING is established, a company specialized in providing integrated solutions for building infrastructure (materials, equipment, technologies / consultancy / technical assistance / execution supervision)


The development of this company will lead to the emergence of the EUROTOP group of companies, one of the important players on the market of materials and equipment for building infrastructure between 2000 and 2012 (production, distribution, logistics, supply chain management, consultancy). The group was a distributor of important European manufacturers (Wavin, Georg Fischer, Waga, Metalpol, Fansuld, Cimberio, etc.), a manufacturer of components for building networks (valves, hydrants, metal fittings, street cast iron, couplings, chimneys, etc.) and a provider of technical support and specialized services. The group has participated in the realization of important projects in the field of building infrastructure as an authorized supplier for large contractors who performed infrastructure works.



- Consolidation and refunctionalization of the historic building in Piața Lahovary

- La Escu restaurant design

- Intervention works on historical buildings in Bucharest

- Execution of civil construction works in Germany



The scope of activity is expanded by creating a public works department and a facilities department respectively. In the period 2000-2012, the civil works department carried out numerous reference works: expansion of water and sewage networks, complex interventions to restore damaged segments of civil networks, the construction and equipping of wastewater pumping stations, pumping stations for stormwater, complex fire protection systems, carrying out land improvement works. In the period 2000-2020, the installations department carried out complex installations included in construction projects and/or works and direct interventions for beneficiaries from various fields of activity: thermal plants, steam generation plants, refrigeration plants, fire protection plants, HVAC plants, pumping stations.



- Supply of equipment and subassemblies for construction works (water networks, sewage, gas, heating)

- Design and execution of central heating and distribution Liceul Henri Coandă

- Restoration of the dialysis ward of the Carol Davila Hospital

- Design and execution of the The Clinical Hospital for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns steam generating plant

- Restoration of the headquarters of the Hospitals Administration, sector 1

- Execution of works (strength structures for buildings) in Germany - Building restoration works (historical monuments) in Poland



 The IT C&C company specialized in providing intelligent IT solutions for the management of water and sewage networks is established. In partnership with Wallingford Software from the UK, the company has carried out projects in the field of optimizing the activity of municipal/regional companies that manage public water supply and sewage services



- Restoration, renovation, re-functionalization works at the former Administration of the Royal Stables, on the date of execution of the works, ADP Sector 1 headquarters

- Setting up and equipping the Metropolitan Youth Center of Sector 1

- Interior design works at the headquarters of the City Hall, Sector 1

- Extensions of water and sewerage networks in Sector 1 and Sector 6 Bucharest

- Road paving works in sector 1 (the first in the country with that type of paving)

- Construction of an office building on the premises of Condor S.A.

- Designing De Gustibus restaurant

- Private works

- luxury residential constructions

- Restoration work for historical buildings in Poland



- De Gustibus Group is established



- Extensions of water and sewerage networks - Bucharest and Craiova

- Restoration of road systems - Bucharest and Craiova

- Development of residential parking lots - Bucharest

- Arrangement and equipment of playgrounds - Bucharest, Ploiești

- Waste water pumping stations - Bucharest and Craiova

- Lunca Jiului Park Craiova – public works

- IOR Park – paving, landscaping

- Craiova rainwater pumping station

- Restoration work in Poland - Krakow

- Restoration of the Râșnoveanu palace in Bucharest

- Conservation, consolidation, restoration and enhancement of the Eliad House in Bucharest



-Biofamily Investments Group is established



- Agricultural constructions - Teleorman county

- Romatsa Nursery

- Titan Park – pavilion

- Expansion, refurbishment and construction of a new body at Titan Nusery 

- Land development and construction of guesthouse Hunedoara - Ținutul Pădurenilor

- Design and execution, consolidation, restoration and refunctionalization of a building in the Dorobanti area - Bucharest and its transformation into an office building

- Renovation and re-functionalization of the headquarters of the City Hall Sector 3 – the current headquarters of DGASPC S3 - School 80 – the current headquarters of the District 3 City Hall

- Design and execution of headquarters and logistics center, service, fuel station for Anasped

- Design and execution of luxury residences (energy passive)



- Poland – design, consultancy, technical assistance for residential projects

- Bucharest German School - consultancy

- Historic building Bd. Dacia - solution study, consultancy, best use, design

- The Ținutul Pădurenilor Museum - concept / project

- Intervention work on buildings by using nanomolecular coatings for surface protection