After more than 25 years in the field of construction - during which we built houses, blocks of flats, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, office buildings, expanded water, sewerage, gas and heating networks, put into operation pumping stations and water purification installations, we designed and built complex heating, cooling and air treatment systems, we built new streets and restored old ones, we restored historical buildings and monuments, we restored, arranged and equipped parks, playgrounds, sports fields, we have participated in the expansion of urban transport networks, we have accumulated experience that allows us to identify solutions where no one believes that these solutions exist. We have understood throughout all these years that when we design and build, we do it for people. The built environment influences our health, comfort, mood and plays a determining role in the way we live.



"We shape our buildings,

thereafter they shape us"

Winston Churchill


In a modern culture, where individuals spend more than 85% of their time in a built environment, the essential role of this environment is to provide occupants with health, safety, physiological comfort, satisfaction and productivity. The concept of quality of life is fundamental to support the idea of "sustainable building", that building capable of achieving great performance in terms of indoor air quality, thermal comfort, lighting quality and acoustic comfort and generating a minimal impact on the environment. Quality of life depends on the built and natural environment, but it also relies on psychological factors such as emotion and perception. Studies show that the way we live our lives in and around a space directly affects us and affects our entire community in terms of health, economy, education, social life and culture. In the current context in which sustainability must represent the basis of any development strategy, a context in which Europe has assumed bold but achievable objectives in the green transition, we decided to transform the business and capitalize our experitse in construction in an innovative and sustainable way. We take a holistic approach to buildings and focus on their interaction with people and how this interaction influences the quality of life. Quality of life is fundamental. We understand how the built environment influences quality of life. We support sustainable development. It is the main reason why every day we use our energy, experience, professional ability and resources to identify and implement solutions to increase the quality of life in the built space.